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AirView Park


With many companies now reviewing their business practices to embrace ‘hybrid working’ models, developers behind AirView Park are seeing new opportunities for potential occupiers to design (and build) smaller office accommodation to fit their changing needs.

The 175,000 sq ft site, located out-of-town next to Newcastle International Airport, is looking to work with companies who may no longer require or suit their existing, large-scale and/or city centre office accommodation moving forward, but instead, may be looking to relocate and downsize, creating smaller working environments.

With hybrid working allowing staff to split their time between a place of work and home, employers could, if in a position to, invest and build new modern, fit-for-purpose offices at AirView Park that could also potentially lower overheads in the long-term. This, while offering employees greater flexibility, better access, the latest digital connectivity and safer interiors for continued social distancing in the short-term. 

As examples, a recent staff study by PwC suggested that many of its employees would want a return to the office three or four days only, ‘necessitating a fully hybrid model of working’. Deutsche Bank has also said that plans are being developed towards ‘the implementation of a hybrid future, combining the benefits of flexible working with the benefits of spending time together in the office’, while Aon is undertaking ‘in-depth analysis of what the future will look like… involving a hybrid of working from offices, home and other locations’. Furthermore, Revolut, an online bank, is also looking at flexible working and ‘converting much of its office space into collaboration spaces’.**

Mike Clark of Tynexe Commercial Ltd, the developers behind AirView Park, explained,

“This is a unique scenario in that the pandemic has, over the last year plus, dictated a rapid decrease in enquiries for certain types of commercial properties, but has encouraged a surge in enquiries at the other end of the market despite working from home restrictions for many people. 

“Whilst we don’t have vacant or speculative buildings onsite at AirView Park currently, we do have prime land available to build upon, therefore we are in a somewhat fortunate position should a company need very bespoke accommodation and an out-of-town location moving forward. 

“If an organisation has the ability, we can construct a scheme that helps them to downsize and streamline, embrace new hybrid working models and plays a positive role in their future growth or recovery. It could also enable larger companies to reduce high overheads and running costs in the long-term too should they currently be in ownership of an empty or unrequired commercial space with premium rates.

“Offices are also places for learning, collaboration, wellbeing and social interation, so there will be many employers keen to get moving and we welcome that discussion.”

AirView Park offers Enterprise Zone status and provides a strategic, out-of-town, North East office base just two minutes from the A1 and Newcastle International Airport.

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Ref: ** Employers aim for hybrid working after Covid-19 pandemic | Financial Times